My daughter, Tara, has been in Dr. Dana's care
since September and has shown great improvement
in the last 6 months. I originally brought Tara
in because I was concerned about how pigeon-toed
she was was. She tripped frequently while
running because her toes caught each other.
She's doing considerably better now and rarely
trips anymore. She also has lost that clumsy
walk! Since my daughter began her chiropractic
care, she has been free from most of the
illnesses that pass through the class at school.
Unfortunately, Tara did get very ill 2 weeks ago
and was not able to keep any food or liquid down
for 3 days, she also ran a high fever the whole
time. When I took her to the MD they diagnosed
her with a viral infection. I was very
concerned because Tara was getting very
dehydrated and we would have to hospitalize her
within 4 hours for it if she did not improve. I
had to call Dr. Dana to cancel my chiropractic
appt for that afternoon because Tara was so ill.
Dr. Dana's assistant suggested I bring Tara in
for an adjustment but I declined, she was just
not up to it. Shortly after hanging up the
phone Dr. Dana called to say she was coming to
our house to adjust Tara. I was truly amazed!
In just a short time, Tara's fever began to drop
and Dr. Dana had convinced her to drink some
juice and water, which she actually kept down.
My daughter did not go to the hospital that
night; her pediatrician called to check on Tara
while Dr. Dana was there and decided she was
improving enough that she would be okay to stay
at home. Dr. Dana came back the next morning and
adjusted Tara again. She slept through her
entire treatment but was visibly improved. Tara
woke up after her adjustment to Dr. Dana
standing at her bedside. What a great treat for
her! I can't say enough about Dr. Dana and
Chiropractic. I've been telling everyone I talk
to about the turn around my daughter experienced
with holistic treatment. I recommend to
everyone that they have their children under
chiropractic care.


I have experienced back and neck problems for as
long as I can remember. In the past, I have seen
many different chiropractors and even tried
acupuncture. Some were able to help me, while
others had no affect at all with respect to my

My son began seeing Dr. Dana and was having a
lot of success from her treatments and suggested
I give Dr. Dana a try.

I was experiencing neck pain and Dr. Dana was
able to alleviate it within a few treatments.
Recently she attended a seminar (Koren Specific
Technique) and gave me a treatment when she
returned. The results were phenomenal! The very
first treatment knocked out the pain! I am now
able to squat, lift heavy items and twist
without any pain at all.. After only three
treatments, I am completely pain free!

The best thing I have ever done for myself is to
sign up for the Wellness Plan that Dr. Dana
recommended. Thank you, Dr. Dana!

-- John R

I am a 24 year old professional woman that plays tennis, jogs, hikes and various other activities. I never experienced menstrual cramps until I was 20 years old and after that treated them with regular doses of ibuprofen.
I began seeing Dr. Dana because of recurring lower back pain brought on by various athletic activities. She soon discovered many other problems with my body that had been affecting me for years.
I have been getting adjustments for approximately a month and a half 3 times a week. I started my second period 3 days ago since I began treatment and I have experienced very little pain. I also experienced very little bloating and breast pain.
Dr. Dana has resolved a chronic problem that i didn't think was "curable," nor did I think I was being treated for it. I now realized that I can look forward to endless benefits from chiropractic care and am planning a lifetime commitment to health and balance!
-Gabrielle K.

After auto accident that totaled my car 36 years ago, my doctor and then a neurologist had told me that I could have surgery, live on drugs, or live with the pain. Well, after living with the pain for over 34 years, I finally decided a year and a half ago to try a chiropractor. And after over 100 treatments with four different San Diego chiropractors, I was still in pain. Then I was referred to Dr. Dana- and how different her treatments are! And I can hardly believe that now my ever-present neck pain is gone! I sure wish I had found her 36 years ago (and one hundred chiropractor treatments ago!) Thank you, Dr. Dana!!
Dr. Dana's treatments are different- gentler, more sophisticated and comprehensive, and more effective- as I compare them with the other chiropractors' treatments. It seems like she must have twenty or more different ways of treating your body instead of just a few... Dr. Dana use state-of-the-art treatments and diagnostic screening and methods of of determining what's actually going on with your body. And she takes the time to listen to you... If you find yourself in Dr. Dana's office for chiropractic treatment, consider yourself fortunate! (as I do...)
-Gail T.

Dear Dr. Tankell, I want to write my
experience of what has happen it the last 2
months so you and perhaps others with similar
symptoms know what happened. I came in to See
Dr. Dana Tankell because of terrible pain in my
left arm and a headache that never seemed to go
away. At times the headache was worse, as was
the pain and usefulness of my left arm. This
had been caused me sleeping issues for months.
Most every time I fell asleep my hand and part
of my arm would fall asleep and I would wake up
and pump my hand in fear it was not getting any
circulation. My arm pain had been off and on
for years and in both arms at one time, but this
time it was not getting better and something had
to be done. I could no longer turn the steering
wheel of my car using the left arm, nor seldom
find a comfort place to set my arm with pain.
After seeing my Sharp doctor I was diagnosed
with tennis elbow, which didn’t seem correct but
she is the doctor. I had ex-rays of my arm and
later my neck, then sent over to a sports injury
doctor, who gave me a cortizone shot in my both
my shoulder and wrist, which gave me no relief.
I was also referred over to physical therapy
while in his office. The physical therapy
department called me to set up an appointment
and told me that it would cost $125 a visit and
would take a minimum of 10 to 12 visits. I
could not afford this, but was still in terrible
pain, had the headaches and couldn’t sleep. I
looked up on Youtube for exercises for tennis
elbow and started doing them regularly. I call
Sharp and requested my ex-rays. A few days
later I pick up a CD, brought it home and took a
look. I could see my neck was all messed up
with no curve and a bone-spur in my elbow. But
it wasn’t my elbow that hurt, it was constant
pain with it becoming unbearable when I bent my
arm or twisted it. What finally helped! My
brother suggested seeing Dr. Dana. I brought in
the ex-ray CD and she looks at it and said it
was obvious the C6 and C7 had issues which would
correlates to the pain down the arm and tingling
in the fingers. She gave me an adjustment that
seem to help a bit with the headache later that
day but didn’t seem to effect the arm much at
all (wishful thinking). However, this was the
first visit. Dr. D found what she felt was the
issue and had reduced the severity of my
headache. The physical therapy department of
Sharp said it would take minimum 10 to 12
visits, so I thought it only fair to see what
Dr. D could do in the same amount of time. By
the 4th visit the pain in my arm was down to 4/5
from 8+, the constant headache was gone and I
was sleeping better. By my 8th visit pain was
down at times to 3 and is now a 2/3. I sleep
much better and am bothered more by other issues
in my life than the constant arm pain or waking
up with my hand and arm asleep. Thank you Dr.
Dana Tankell for bring the pain and numbness in
my arm under control. Just to be able to go to
sleep for more than a few hours is simply
amazing. Please feel free to use this letter to
let other know what all you do, works!
Sincerely, Robert A

My major complaint is that I have headaches and
neck pain. After the first adjustment I started
noticing the neck pain was subsiding. It was
refreshing to see Dr Dana take the time to show
me and explain the problems with my spine. Dr
Dana is an amazing doctor who cares about her

Thanks to guidance from Alexia De Chandt, CiHom, my recovery from minor surgery was
extremely speedy. By seeking her advice early
on, and following directions, my recovery went
from 4-6 weeks to 2 days with no medications
other than Arnica! The scars are almost
invisible, and one week later I'm back at work!
Thank you Alexia!!!


I've been living with pain for years and back pain from 2010-2014. I somehow resigned myself
into accepting that this was going to be my
life. Since my first visit with Dr Dana my life
has changed dramatically for the better! I have
been pain-free since I've been coming here. I
feel young again! I'm doing the things I used
to do in my twenties (I'm in my late 40's)!

I suffer from neck stiffness, lower back pain, middle back spasms, headaches, sinus issues, and a bad attitude (on occasion). I had a violent childhood, also an extremely active childhood (bike wrecks, falling out of trees, etc...). I was in the military for 14 years (extensive security and combat training), studied martial arts and worked in construction. Since starting care with Dr Dana I've seen drastic improvement in pain and stiffness relief;I have a better attitude in dealing with situations (I'm a bit OCD); headaches have nearly gone away completely... my life has improved drastically!

Since my husband died a few years ago I have suffered from cyclic depression. I have gone to counselors, tried their pills and tried other herbal therapies. Now is when I say "bow down in praise to Alexia!" Alexia De Chandt, CiHom, is a homeopath at Chiropractic Connection Wellness Center and has worked with Bach Flowers for many years. I've tried Rescue Remedy and other remedies, but I have never had lasting relief, or even moderate relief, until Alexia made a "potion" JUST FOR ME! Upon my very first use I could feel the difference! I continue use of the "specific-for-Susan MAGIC" and I feel like a whole, happy person again! I cannot praise her knowledge and abilities enough!!! "Bow down and give thanks!"

I used to get 3-5 migraines a week, suffered from major depression, had suicidal thoughts, felt bouts of rage and anger, and was constantly fatigued. Since starting care with Dr Dana the migraines have decreased to twice a month (and are more tolerable), I feel much less rage and anger, I no longer have suicidal thoughts, my depression is under control, and I have lots of energy!

I've had daily, constant pain due to Rheumatoid
Arthritis, severe inflammation throughout my
body, and Osteoarthritis. Prior to seeking
chiropractic care, I could not walk upright!
After seeing Dr Dana a few times, my pain is at
an all-time low, I am able to walk upright with
no limp, and I'm happier than I've been in a
while! THANK YOU DR DANA!!!!!