Meet Our Staff

Alexia De Chandt, CIHom

Alexia has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry from USD. She trained with Homeopaths/Educators Shelley McQuerter, CIHom and Willow Tipton, DIHom & received her certification in Homeopathy and Bach Flower Essences in February 2007. She was drawn to Homeopathy because it is a safe, natural and gentle method of healing and balancing the body. A typical consultation is very in-depth & lasts approximately 90 minutes. She will take into consideration such things as family & health history, lifestyle, mental & emotional states and current health conditions and symptoms in order to build a multidimensional picture of the individual. Homeopathy is based on the Principal "like treats like" and is highly individualized, in that several people suffering from the same illness may require completely different remedies.

Jeri Berkson, Massage Therapist

Jeri began her career as a licensed Massage Therapist at The International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) where she also studied Somato-Emotional Intergration and Biodynamics CranioSacral Therapy, to name a few.
Jeri's healing path began in her childhood. Her life was strongly influenced by her father's profession in the chiropractic field and expertise as a mentor and teacher. This way of life was focused on developing awareness on the utapped intelligence of the body and mind and its important role as the agent for change and development. It didn't take her long before she knew her goal was to help others experience the healing process.
Jeri has an inate ability to relate to a wide range of clients, and their conditions, who are in need of personalized touch and thoughtful, compassionate delivery of care. This can be attributed in part to her genuine respect toward all people. Jeri believes that all bodies have the ability to heal themselves and with Jeri's work she holds space for just that.